NOTICE from the County

Our office continues to encourage residents of Kewaunee County to enroll in our Mass Emergency Notification System, found at: and looking for the ‘Stay Informed!’. It is also encouraged for residents to have multiple ways to receive notifications for severe weather, this could include downloading a weather app to their smart phone, having a NOAA Weather Radio, etc.


NOTICE  (Request for comment)

In 2003, Franklin Township was required to compose a 20-year Comprehensive Plan to meet Wisconsin State Statutes. Every twenty years this Comprehensive Plan is to be revised or readopted. This revision needs to be done before January of 2023.

The Planning Commission is to complete this procedure. In order to provide an opportunity for towns people to respond, we are seeking your thoughts, ideas and suggestions as we move into the next 20-year period.

Briefly, responses to the original survey in 1998 illustrated that people wanted to keep the community rural, quiet, and friendly. Thoughts were that farmland was to be preserved, with residential building allowed on less productive farmland and areas already more populated.

The Comprehensive Plan recommended that residential development be around Stangelville, Curran and Bolt. Small parcels could be made available in the eastern sections of the town and parts along the northern boundary where soils are less productive. One home on 35 acres of productive farmland remains in effect as a Conditional Use. Occasionally, the Town has allowed variations to this A1 zoning with input from the Plan Commission and the public.

Please comment on what you think is important to the future of your community and we ask that you respond as soon as possible  as most people have access to the internet we hope to reach as many of our citizens as we can online. We ask that you share this information with others. Hopefully this will make it easier for you as well as save the town the cost of postage. There are several ways this can be done. You can reply by email from the contact page on this website, hand deliver it to a plan commission member or mail it to:
Tom Konop
E1534 Old Settlers Road
Denmark, WI 54208.

Residential development and farmland protection are not the only things that are to be addressed in a new Comprehensive plan. Roads, internet, economic trends, utilities, natural resources and any other subjects can be addressed.

Questions can be answered by calling me at (920) 660-7239. If I am not available when you call, please leave a message and I will call you back or try me again.

Pass this website on to your friends and acquaintances in our township

Tom Konop,    Planning Commission Chairman 






Date   September 12, 2022  
Time   7:00 P.M.
Place  Franklin Town Hall/Community Center

1. Town Chairperson Calls Monthly Meeting to Order.
2. Pledge of Allegiance
3. Approve Agenda
4. Approve the Town Clerk’s written Minutes of the Last Monthly Meeting.
5. Approve the Town Treasurer’s monthly printed Financial Report.
6. The Town Board Considers Matters from Visitors.
–     Report from Zoning Administrator Suzi Sevcik
–     Report from Scott Brown, Franklin County Board Supervisor
–     Report from Suzi Sevcik on First Responders
7. The Town Board Considers Approval of Road Work.
8. The Town Board Considers Appointments.
– _______________________________________
9. The Town Board Considers Approval of Resolutions.
10. Town Board Discussion of the following Ordinances.
–  ______________________________________
11. The Town Board Considers All Other Matters as Authorized by Law.
– Approve/disapprove solar conditional use permit for Mark Smith
– Approve/disapprove solar conditional use permit for Joe Forst 
– Discuss and sign snow plowing contract with J. Jadin, Inc for 2022-2023
– Review 2022 bridge report from Ayres
– Appoint new zoning board of appeals Chairmanship
– Approve/disapprove zoning variance for Bill Kinjerski
-Approve payment for Langes Corner Road LRIP project 
12. Town Board Considers Approval and Payment of Bills and Orders.
13. The Town Board Sets the Next Monthly Town Board Meeting.
14. The Town Board Adjourns This Month’s Monthly Town Board Meeting.

By Order of the Franklin Town Board
Todd DeGrave, Town Clerk

Discussion and action may occur on any of the above agenda items.