Meeting Minutes


The October monthly meeting for the Town of Franklin was called to order at 7:00 p.m. by Dave Wesely followed by the Pledge of Allegiance.

Officers present:   Dave Wesely, Jim Wacek, Katie Duckart, Sandy Smidle and Todd DeGrave.

Katie Duckart made a motion to approve the agenda as printed, Jim Wacek seconded the motion.  Motion carried.

Jim Wacek made a motion to accept the minutes as printed from the September Town Board meeting. Katie Duckart seconded the motion.  Motion carried.

Treasurer Sandy Smidle presented the Treasurer’s Report, which shows a balance of $294,386.85 Katie Duckart made a motion to accept the Treasurer’s report,  Jim Wacek seconded the motion, the motion carried.

Zoning Administrator Suzi Sevcik reported 7 building permits issue last month. Suzi asked if an AirB+B in the A1 zone needed any sort of permit.  The answer was given that they need a conditional use permit.

County Supervisor Scott Brown reported that the jail subcommittee will start having regular meetings again.  Scott Brown has been placed on the subcommittee for the purposed new County Highway Department building by the transfer station.  Scott said that the County doing their own road work does not make sense in his opinion.

Tom Konop recommends keeping the 20 year comprehensive plan the same.  Nobody has yet responded to the request for public comment on the subject.  The Town Board will hold a public hearing at 6:30pm November 14, 2022.

First Responder Suzi Sevcik reported 0 calls last month.  The fund raising brat fry had a net profit of $2,8121.   That total was slightly lower than last year.

There was a lot of discussion about the wording in the ordinance about solar.  Dave Wesely explained the current process requires a conditional use permit but the State rules say there is very little the town can do to stop someone from putting up solar arrays.  Dave was at the WTA meeting in Appleton.  There was a breakout session about solar arrays.  There was so much demand for it that it was run 3 times to handle the crowds.

Dave mentioned something called a JDA (Joint Development Agreement)  In general a JDA consists of rules for height, decommissioning and land reclamation including a nutrient management plan.  Dave said if we are going to change the wording in our ordinance we should include the elements of the JDA and also have it reviewed by a lawyer.

Tom Konop mentioned that the current wording is very simple and says we follow all State rules.  Katie Duckart mentioned that being too simple could lead to abuse of the rules.   Tom Konop said that if we are going to change to a JDA should that also include wind.  Do we need a different ordinance for wind?  The current ordinance says the adjacent property must be A or A3 to prevent small lots with close neighbors putting up solar.  Suzi Sevcik agreed with that rules and said simpler is better.

Tom Konop read the current ordinance wording out load and also looked up the state statue on the web and read that out load. Suzi Sevcik mentioned that the wind wording is 2.5 pages but solar is not well defined.

The solar issue was tabled for now. Dave Wesley will work with his contact from the WTA to get a recommended lawyer.

Katie Duckart made a motion to approve the 2023 rescue contract with County Rescue.  Jim Wacek seconded the motion, motion carried.

There was discussion about the dollar amount of our current insurance coverage.  Increasing to $357,000 + $75,000 for contents.  Also increasing the umbrella coverage to $3 million.  Those increases will cost $1,000 more per year.  Dave Wesely made a motion to increase coverage.  Jim Wacek seconded the motion, motion carried.

Clerk Todd DeGrave said the 2023 budget was not finished yet because of some missing numbers, specifically the general transportation aid.

Respectfully submitted,
Todd DeGrave Town Clerk