Meeting Minutes


The May monthly meeting for the Town of Franklin was called to order at 7:00 p.m. by Dave Wesely followed by the Pledge of Allegiance.

Officers present:   Dave Wesely, Jim Wacek, Katie Duckart, Sandy Smidle and Todd DeGrave.

Katie Duckart made a motion to approve the agenda as printed, Jim Wacek seconded the motion.  Motion carried.

Jim Wacek made a motion to accept the minutes as printed from the March Town Board meeting. Katie Duckart seconded the motion.  Motion carried.

Treasurer Sandy Smidle presented the Treasurer’s Report, which shows a balance of $169,866.53  Katie Duckart made a motion to accept the Treasurer’s report,  Jim Wacek seconded the motion, the motion carried.

Tom Konop asked about the livestock license for Rolling Hills Dairy.  Katie Duckart is going to file the paperwork.

Zoning Administrator Sandy Lemens issued 1 building permit last month.  Sandy Lemens also mentioned that Donna Thompson Krohn received a bill from Action Appraisers for land conversion from Ag to Residential.   Todd DeGrave will follow up with Action Appraisers to make sure that is correct.

Sandy Lemens also stated that there were some land divisions coming in the near future and a possible conditional use permit for a communication tower.  The tower will be located near the church and sandy received a letter from the Historical Society.

County Supervisor Jack Wochos was not present.

First Responder Suzi Sevcik stated that they received one call last month.   First responders and getting a new 911 App.  There was a $300 donation from Hooray For Hollywood.  The new medical director attended the last FEMR monthly meeting, first time that has happened.

Sheriff Matt Joski gave a presentation on the purposed new jail.  A map and printed Power Point materials were handed out.

Jim Wacek made a motion to approve the town hall grass cutting contract with Mark Raisleger.  Katie Duckart seconded the motion, motion carried.

Shaun Wendt commented on the bid for ditch cutting from the County of $10,600.  Shaun said he could come down $1000 but still not below the County’s bid.   This issue was tabled until the June meeting.

There was discussion about Harter’s bidding for the town curbside pickup.   Harter’s did not provide estimated costs before the meeting.   Sandy Smidle said the current contract with GFL is in force through 2023.   Most haulers we have talked to so far want to have the entire town on contract not just a voluntary basis.

Katie Duckart made a motion to approve the following road work by Scott Contraction:

-Old Settlers Road (Sleepy Hollow to Wochos)  $4,400
– Krines Road (Cty V to Manitowoc) $8,290
-Rangeline Road (Kassner to dead end) $1,650
-Sleepy Hollow Road (AB to Collegiate) $6,217
-Knutson Road (near Bolt) $6,217
-Langes Corner Road (Irish to Finnel) $5,500
-Collegiate Road (Near Sleepy Hollow) $4,400
-Irish Road (Langes Corner to KB) $2,750

Jim Wacek seconded the motion, motion carried.   All other purposed road work will need to be advertised for competitive bids.

Town Orders # 93 to # 108 were discussed, approved and paid.

Our next monthly Town Board meeting will June 14, 2021. at the Franklin Town Hall.

There being no further discussion, the May Town Board meeting was adjourned at 8:55 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Todd DeGrave Town Clerk